Julia with her grandbaby Tai

Julia with her grandbaby Tai

Julia Kelly-Hodenius has always been an advocate for a mom’s right to choose the birthing process that is right for her

Julia firmly believes that having a baby should be a joyous event, free from worry and on your own terms. Childbirth is something that a woman’s body is designed to do and Julia truly wants to help women understand the process and turn it into a beautiful experience.

Working as a psychotherapist for many years, Julia later joined wife Valerie Kelly-Hodenius CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) in her practice at Women Care. Together Julia and Valerie worked with women throughout their pregnancies to guide them through the process and help them achieve their own happy births.

Julia’s psychology background and Valerie’s midwifery knowledge made them the perfect team when they began teaching HypnoBirthing® in 2004. They saw the power in these simple techniques and helped dozens of couples through the natural birthing process.

The couple retired and pursued their dreams of working with animal rescue and dealing antique quilts and textiles until Valerie’s passing in 2014.

Julia knew she wanted to honor Valerie’s legacy and continue the work they had done empowering women through HypnoBirthing®. She became re-certified through HypnoBirthing® International in 2018 and started Happy Births HypnoBirthing®